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Purchasing a Puppy

Adding a puppy of any kind  to your family is a big decision. We encourage you to do your research so you have a dog that fits your family and lifestyle for many years. Remember potty training a pet is a major undertaking and you will need to be more committed to your Berner than your carpet!  :) We are here to be a help to you in deciding whether a Bernese Mountain Dog is a good choice for you and your family.  
These cheerful dogs love people and have a desire to be with you almost all the time.  They cannot be a yard ornament as they need their people. It's very important to have a safe, fenced in area to run and play that is fairly large as they are a large breed. Berners are intelligent, self-confident and good-natured and we have found them fairly easy to train.  They need owners who will train them firmly, but gently as they are sensitive and want to please.  As with any large breed, you will run into issues if you fail to be a good leader and instead treat them like your baby.  You don't want a 75-125 pound dog who doesn't know the rules and thinks that they are in charge.  :)


For a dog to feel secure, it needs to understand the rules and boundaries so they know what is expected. Remember this breed loves to please and like most others, thrives with structure and a good walk.

We are raising our puppies in our home with lots of love and socialization. We are following Pat Hastings "Puppy Development" plan to ensure the pups are ready for a fun and adventurous life with their new families.  See The Rule of Seven

Once you are sure a Mountain Home Berner is right for you:

  • fill out our Puppy Questionnaire and

  • Please keep in mind-We would love to meet you in person or via a  telephone interview. We only do these a few times a year when we add to and update our waiting list based on our breeding plan.  If you send an email and don't get an email back, please send it again! I look for the very best homes for my all my pups and you will have to be patient and be prepared to wait patiently for your puppy. The right one is worth the wait! 

  • email it to us at

  • Phone interview will follow- we do these only when we are updating our list- so be patient and stay in contact

  • We will schedule a meet and greet

  • You will be notified by email if you have been selected to be on the waiting list

  • Then your $1000 non-refundable deposit will be due.

  • We will have a puppy contract for you to sign 

  • Temperament tests are done at about 6 weeks of age. We will match puppies to families based on the results of both the temperament testing, the  puppy questionnaire, phone interviews,  communication, meeting with the families and knowing our puppies.

  • The balance of $2000 on your puppy will be due when the puppy turns 6 weeks old.

  • Puppies go home after they are 8 weeks old- let the adventure begin!

  • Occasionally we have spots for a Guardian Home or adult dogs for adoption.

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