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Born July 13, 2019
All of these beauties are already spoken for but we are planning a litter spring/summer of 2020
IMG_20190822_170313 (2).jpg
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We are excited to announce Dazzle and Watson's litter! Ten beautiful babies- 7 girls and 3 boys!
All of the puppies have been well socialized to kids, dogs, cats, riding in the car, water and multiple surfaces. They are being raised in our home and were temperament tested at six weeks of age. They were all social, sweet, and playful! Some are more curious then others and there are different energy levels seen throughout this litter. We place them with their forever families based on the puppy questionnaire answers, interviews and temperament testing results. 
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The Pretty Girls

    ALL SOLD     

Purple Girl

I was the first one born and I am a fun, playful and curious girl. I like to play with kids and have quiet a bit of confidence. I  am friendly, handle stress pretty well and like people a lot. I just want to be your best friend.

Light Pink 

I am a a friendly and playful girl who likes a good romp but then can snuggle up to you too. I am curious but laid back about new experiences most of the time . It did take me a little while longer to settle into riding in the car, then it was pretty great. Like all my siblings I will need to keep socializing and being exposed to new things and situations.

Yellow Girl

I am one of the most outgoing and one of the most petite right now of my litter mates. I am full of personality and love to play. I am curious and forgiving. I would love a family that is going to play with me. I am a quick learner and like all Berners I want to please, so stay consistent with me and I'll be your best friend forever.

Light Yellow

I may be the smallest but don't let that fool you- I make up for it in might and personality. I am playful and curious and handled stressful situations pretty well, however, I did not like being held on my back by a stranger. I'm told that my unique markings make me especially cute but it is my big and sweet personality that makes me the favorite of the human girl in our family. Like all my siblings I will need my family to play with, walk me and be consistent in training. 

IMG_20190822_170120 - Copy.jpg
Pink Girl

I am outgoing, friendly and curious. I like to play and wrestle with the others in my litter and people. I handled stress pretty well and like people a lot. My human mom says I am the most vocal of the group- I think I just have the most to say.  I really like to cuddle with one of my siblings or mom.

Maroon Girl

Clearly I am the biggest. I've been called a bear a lot- I'm not sure what that is. I am friendly, curious and love people too. I am a mini-me of my daddy Watson and pretty laid back though I still like to play. 

Lavender Girl

Clearly I am beautiful like all the girls. I too am playful, curious and sweet. I even chased the paper wad and brought it back which I'm told is kind of unique for Berners. I handled stress well but did startle at the loud noise before walking away, so it didn't bother me too much. I am a pretty laid back girl and will likely be fairly big.

The Handsome Boys
Green Boy

     ALL SOLD    

I am the curliest of the boys and love to play with others. I am sweet,  curious, playful and friendly. I can be a little on the shy side with new people but will form a strong bond with someone special. I am pretty laid back but enjoy a good romp too.

Red Boy

I am as handsome as they come and more into people than the toys they have. I am also curious, fun and friendly. I too, am pretty chill, definitely not the leader of the pack. I will enjoy walks and snuggles. I've been told I look like a stuffed animal because I am so adorable.

IMG_20190822_085723 (2).jpg
Blue Boy

I am a sweet big boy, my doctor says I will likely be quite a large boy like my Daddy Watson. I am friendly, social, and curious too. I am a soft and cuddly boy who likes to play and is my human boys favorite (shhh... don't tell the others :) ) My human mom says I am a mini-me of my daddy.  Like the other boys I am pretty chill too and will love everyone in my new family. 

IMG_20190821_190042_1 (2).jpg

    ALL SOLD     

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