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None of these beauties are available
Born May 18, 2018
All of the puppies have been well socialized to kids, dogs, cats, riding in the car, water and multiple surfaces. The have been raised in our home and have been temperament tested and all are social, sweet, forgiving, and playful! Some are more curious then others and there are different energy levels seen throughout this litter. We place with their forever families based on the puppy questionnaire answers and temperament testing results. 

All of these babies were parasite free!

The Pretty Girls
Light Pink 


I am fun, playful and curious. I can run and tumble with the boys and sit and cuddle on your lap too. And of course I am beautiful!


Purple Girl

I am a fun and playful girl who can usually be found in the middle of whatever is going on. I will do best with a family who will include me in all their fun and wants to cuddle too! I am so very pretty and my human mom thinks I have the sweetest face! shh.. don't tell the others :) I will also likely look the most like my mom than any of the others, though I will likely be bigger than she is. 


Yellow Girl

I am the most petite but I am the most outgoing and adventurous of the group. I was the first girl born and the first one to figure out how to get out of the whelping box. I will also be the first to greet you and have a bright and sunny disposition - like the color of my collar. My Forever Family is already so in love with me!


Pink Girl

Clearly I am not camera shy! I am in the middle of the pack, I can watch everyone else play then jump right into the middle of it all. I am the biggest of the girls and was the first to figure out where the potty place was- my Momma was so proud! 

The Handsome Boys


Green Boy

I started out as the smallest of the pack but I am now bigger than all of my sisters and one of my brothers! My family thinks I need a come back name like Rocky! I am adorable, playful and somewhat independent. I play well with others but don't mind playing by myself.


Black Boy

I am going to be a big boy! I am not quite as big as Red but almost. I am a love in the middle of the pack. I was a little scared of the big loud noises on my temperament test but am confident most of the time. I would love a family who will be patient and loves a dog that wants to be with them. 


Steel Boy- should be steal- he was born with a heart on his tummy and he will steal your heart!

I may not be the biggest of the boys but my fluff might make you think I am. I am a silly, fun boy with lots of love to give. My Forever Family is already so in love with me and I can't wait to go home with them!


Red Boy

I am the biggest of the boys and will get a lot bigger! I am a playful, silly boy who has the head tilt down! (which my human boy says, "I may as well give you my heart forever!" I love kids and would do well in a family with kids. My antics will keep you smiling. I love a good romp but then a good long nap too!


Light Blue Boy

I am not going to be as big as some of my brothers but am playful, curious and of course, adorable! I have the cutest freckle and curls. I will not be a couch potato and can't wait to go home with my Forever Family and play with gang they already have!


Blue Boy

I am a sweet boy, playful and curious with lots of love to give. I am in the middle of the pack and would fit into most households who loves a dog that wants to be with them. My human mom thinks I am the most handsome of them all...shhh... don't tell the others. :)

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