Mountain Home Berners' Jazmin

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Jazmin 's OFA Elbows OFA Prelim of HIPS She is clear on both DM and Von Willebrand Diseases

Jazmin comes to us from Washington and has some great dogs in her ancestry with wonderful  genetic clearances! 

She is a fun loving girl who wants to be in the middle of all we are doing always! We joke that there isn't anything subtle about this sweet Berner! She is quite certain she is a lap dog!


Miss Burton- the Bend Berner
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Burton is the daughter of Pebbles and Gus and is such a beautiful blend of both of them! She is a happy dog who lives an adventurous life in Bend with her loving family but comes back to join our gang quite often. To follow her adventures look her up on  Instagram- burton_thebendberner.  She has great clearances too. 

Burton's Hips are rated Good, Elbows Normal. She is not affected but carries DM and is clear of Von Willebrand Diseases


Heart Rippling "Pebbles" Retired
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Pebbles is the daughter of Dazzle and  Bear and has many of their lovely characteristics. She is a happy dog- she almost always looks like she is smiling and she lives to please. She weighs in at 80 lbs (but will likely fill out some more)  and like all Berners wants to be with her people. She can run and play with you but then will be your snuggle buddy for hours.  She is one of the most athletic Berners we have ever seen and because of her smaller size is easy to take everywhere. She loves to ride in the car, go kayaking, hiking and has never met a creature she didn't like. She just wants to be in the middle of whatever we are doing.

Pebbles  is OFA Hips Fair and Elbows normal. DM Carrier- Not affected, Von Willebrand Clear 


Razzle "Dazzle" Retired
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RETIRED - Dazzle is  a fun, happy, loving, loyal and agile dog.  She weighs in at 85 lbs. and is a very affectionate and expressive girl.  Like all Berners she is happiest with her people, loves going places, and doing things with her family.  She is great with other animals and loves to cuddle on the couch too! 

Dazzle comes from strong breeding with many champions in her lines. We got her from a Breeder of Merit in South Dakota.  She has brought so much fun to our family and has had beautiful puppies and was a GREAT mom to all her puppies! 

Berner-Garde #137452

OFA Hips -Good and Ebows -Normal