Born May 28,2020

We are excited to announce Pebbles & Gus' litter! 12 beautiful babies- 4 girls and 8 boys!

All of these beauties are already spoken for but we are planning a litter spring/summer of 2021
All of the puppies are well socialized to kids, dogs, cats, riding in the car, water and multiple surfaces. They are being raised in our home and were temperament tested at six weeks of age. They are all social, sweet, and playful! There is not a bad one in the bunch, some are more curious than others and some are more confident than others but there hasn't been an overbearing alpha dog in this group. They should all be easy to train as they are eager to please and food motivated too. :)
As puppies they all need consistency in training and lots of love as they learn to be your best family companion! 
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The Pretty Girls- 

    ALL SOLD     

Pink Girl

I was the first one born and I am a real fun girl. I am playful, curious, forgiving and make good eye contact. I love to play but am a good snuggler too. I like people and clearly I am beautiful! I can sometimes get distracted but am a pretty laid back girl. Most new things haven't bothered me and I like other animals quite a bit too. I am excited about the life I will have with my furever family!

Yellow Girl

I am a bright sunshiny girl like the color of my collar. I will play and then crawl back into your lap for a good nap. I can sometimes be vocal but it's mostly because i just want to be with my people. I will likely not be as large as some of my littermates, I will enjoy going everywhere with my forever family and be a loyal girl. I am curious, forgiving and and make good eye contact too.

Purple Girl

I am told I am an unique girl because of my one strikingly beautiful blue eye but I just want to play and be with my people. I am a social girl and am the favorite of my human boy (shh...don't tell the others) . I love toys but didn't really like being put on my back by a stranger- If I know you though, you can pretty much do anything with me. I will want to be your best friend and can't wait for the next adventure!

Orange Girl

I am the biggest of the girls and am a little goofball. I love to play and will make you laugh everyday. I too am curious, forgiving, and even retrieved an on object, which I am told is a little unusual for a Berner.  I will love my furever family and be want to be with you all the time.

The Handsome Boys

     ALL SOLD    

Navy Boy 

I was the first of the boys to be born and the first to figure out how to get out of the whelping box. My human mom says I am the most vocal but I think it's just that I have the most to say. I will likely be a big boy .I am fun, curious and like toys. I just want to be with my people all the time and will love all the attention you give me. Like all puppies I will need consistency and training to be your loyal goofy boy.

Blue Boy

I may be the smallest of the boys but I make up for it in personality as I am a playful boy and can't wait to be with my people. Most new things don't phase me and though I am playful and fun, I am pretty laid back too. I  am forgiving and make good eye contact. I will be your best friend and can't wait till I'm big enough for lots of adventures.  

Aqua Boy

I am a big silly boy, full of fun and will make you laugh everyday! I am usually in the middle of all that is going on with my siblings. I love other animals but especially want to be with my people. Like most Berners I'm not much of a retriever but I do like toys. I am a pretty confident boy and most new things don't phase me. Like all puppies with consistency and love I will be such a good dog for my furever family!

Red Boy

I am a sweet fun boy-curious, forgiving and love to hangout on my back. I was the first to figure out the pee and poo place. I can be feisty and playful but am a quick learner and love to be with my people. I will likely be a big boy and loyal companion to my new big family.

Silver Boy

I am as handsome as 


I am a very handsome big boy. I am also curious, confident and fun. I make good eye contact and love to be with my people. I like toys and will be up for lots of adventures. Like all puppies I am a little mouthy right now and will need consistent diversions but am eager to learn and be your best buddy!

White Boy

I am a big boy too and my human Mom says that I am a miracle boy. I love to be with my people and am up for most adventures. I am a pretty confident boy so new things haven't phased me too much. I like to play but can snuggle too. Like all my siblings, with some consistent training and love I will be your best friend my whole life!

Green Boy

I am a sweet silly boy too. I can play or snuggle and have the head tilt thing down that humans seem to really love. I am my human Grandma's favorite (shhh...don't tell the others) :)  I am curious, forgiving and make good eye contact. I will be up for most adventures and can't wait to meet my new furever family who has been waiting a very long time for me. :)

Brown Boy

I was the last one born but I have heard that the best was saved for last! I am my human sister's favorite (shh... don't tell the others.) :) I am playful, curious and forgiving. I make good eye contact too but I can be a little timid with new things so will need some extra  patience  to gain confidence. I love playing with toys  and will be a loyal companion. 

    ALL SOLD     

Check back early 2021 for next year's litter